Palazzo Fantini was once the centre of a large agricultural estate, and all the local activities were concentrated around it, such as the production of silk, hemp, grapes and timber, the sorting of cereals and the rearing of farmyard animals.


Today the stables no longer contain horses and have become part of a picturesque winter garden. The hen house has disappeared, and laundry week is also a distant memory, when the whole house was turned upside-down and all the household linen was washed with lye and ash. The sharp tapping of the loom or the sputtering of wheat in sieves can no longer be heard, and yet something remains of all these elements of the past. The buildings surrounding Palazzo Fantini have been restored and used to store agricultural machines and equipment. A little Museum of Country Civilisation has been created, divided into areas with different themes, as evidence of what was once a very active farm.

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